Founded in 2004, our group and shooting range honor the memory of frontiersman, buffalo hunter and Medal of Honor recipient William “Billy” Dixon. In 1874, he ended the siege at Adobe Walls, Texas by firing a single shot that was later surveyed to have been taken at a distance of 1538 yards. The shot struck one of a group of fifteen mounted Indian Warriors who were gathering to begin a third day of attacks against the 28 people held up in the hunting camp. The responsibility for these hostilities can be laid on both the Indians and the buffalo hunters. This outstanding long shot changed the history of that region. Friends of Billy Dixon encourage you to read the entire story of this historic event.

This renowned shot and other outstanding examples of American marksmanship have helped build the tradition of accurate long range shooting in disciplines as diverse as the sporting world, competitive shooting and the military. Friends of Billy Dixon challenges modern shooters to educate themselves and test their skills and equipment at the far edge of the distance shooting envelope with both classic and modern firearms. Our Ultra Long Range Shooting Facility at Stengel Gun Shop near Hotchkiss, Colorado provides marksmen with high quality targets to refine their skills.

Once each year, Friends of Billy Dixon will call a convocation of long range shooters at this facility to allow each one to test his skills by the standards of the likes of Billy Dixon. Watch our events page for the dates!