Ranger Cayton Book - www.rangercayton.com. The culmination of three years' work on the Ranger Cayton book, written and designed by Coyote Creative for the Cayton family. The site showcases the book and links to its online store for purchasing.

Sunburst Car Care - www.sunburstcarcare.com. This was a redesign of
the entire business identity with a new web presence to highlight services and
create a venue for customer feedback.

The Great Galomp - www.greatgalomp.com. This charming about-to-be-published children's book is showcased on this colorful site. Author Robert Boyle and illustrator Dolores Wilson have created a one-of-a-kind winner!

Cayton Ranger Station Foundation - www.caytonrangerstation.org. Home of the second-oldest ranger station in the United States, this non-profit site was made to educate about the cabin and its history in an entertaining way.

Friends of Billy Dixon - www.friendsofbillydixon.org. Another non-profit site dedicated to the memory of medal of honor winner Billy Dixon and the black powder rifle range that celebrates his famous shot!

Memorial Vases - www.memorialvases.org. Artist Annette Roberts Grey has honored the fallen in Iraq with her somber display. This site captures the mission and the mood of her works.

Doc Holliday Live - www.dochollidaylive.biz. Robert W. Boyle is the premier portrayer of infamous and well-loved Doc Holliday character. His site is full of the flavor of the gunslinger’s misunderstood life and the rugged times in which he lived.

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